Pre-Order — “STizon” PP-19 Bizon Kit for 9mm AK — 10 Round Magazine




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The STizon is a kit for your current 9mm AK to turn it into a Bizon, one of the most difficult-to-get Russian firearms in the US. The internals of the iconic helical magazine have been re-engineered and simplified from the original PP-19, bringing costs down and reliability up. The magazine catch system has also been redesigned, allowing for much easier and faster mag changes.

So what all do you get in the kit? First and most obviously, you get the helical magazine which can hold 10 rounds. The mag internals are made of aluminum and steel, while the caps and helix are made of SLS/MJF Nylon 12. The tube of the magazine comes in two options: black anodized aluminum or a clear durable polycarbonate. Second, you’ll get a machined aluminum handguard in the Bizon style. This will still work on your gun even if you’re not running the helical mag. Last, you’ll get our already-proven 4140 steel flash hider, also in the iconic flared-out Bizon styling with wide chamfered cuts, threaded for the standard 9mm 0.5×28.

Please note that while the pictures are very close to the final look, there may be some small changes by final production. Chiefly, the handguards shown are a 3D printed prototype, while the production ones will be anodized aluminum, changing the appearance of the finish (it will look similar to the pictured aluminum tube on the magazine). Also note that the final round count may change based on the magazine follower design, which is pretty much already determined, but not finalized.

So, which guns will this kit work with? Currently, they will be available for the PSA AKV, Century Arms NAK 9, the Century Arms 9S and the KUSA KP9/KR9. We will be working on others, but we can’t say for certain which ones or when they will be released. Note that the magazines are NOT interchangeable between different models/manufacturers.

You can find more info on the Bizon page HERE.

You can use the cut-off magazine catch that comes with your gun, but we highly recommend installing a M+M Industries Mag Lever (or similar) which may require drilling or cutting the pin on the CAI models. M+M Lever available HERE.

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This is a pre-order only. We are anticipating production by mid-June at the latest. All pre-orders can be cancelled and fully refunded before fulfillment.