Introducing the first and only PP-19 Bizon-Style Magazine and Kit for your 9mm AK.
Featuring a fully re-designed helical magazine, aluminum handguard and 4140 flash hider,
you can now turn your existing firearm into one of the most exclusive and difficult-to-own
blasters that solves many of the issues of the original Russian PP-19 – and at a very affordable price.

The images below are of the current functional prototypes. Some minor details may change for final production.

Two Mag Body Styles

  • Classic and sleek aluminum tube
  • Nifty clear polycarbonate tube

Machined Handguard

Fits most variants

Steel Flash Hider

Threaded for 1/2×28 

Fits 4 Verified Guns

  • PSA AKV (59 Rounds)
  • KUSA KP9/KR9
  • CAI NAK 9 (69 Rounds)
  • CAI 9S (69 Rounds)

Final capacity may change.


all the bits you want to know

We know you’re excited. We’re excited, too. Please read through the following content for answers to your excited questions.

When will this be available?

We are firmly aiming for Father’s Day 2024 – so real soon! We’re currently waiting for the last parts to be machined and tested before we officially launch sales.

How much will it cost?

We don’t have a definite price just yet, but it’s looking like $299.99 for the full kit, although that could change. Each part (magazine, handguard, flash hider) will be available for individual purchase.

Which guns will it fit?

Right now, just the PSA AKV, the CAI NAK 9 and the CAI 9S. Each of the respective guns requires slightly different dimensions on each magazine, so it’s not a one-size-fits all mag.

The KUSA KP9 is our next target, but we don’t have information on that at this time.

Will you make a kit for (insert gun here)?

We would love to make a helical magazine for every gun if it were possible. Some guns are just difficult to work with and it also takes MONTHS of full-time design work and testing to get each one just right, so the short answer is: maybe? For now, it’s just the three mentioned above and we can’t say which guns will be next because we just don’t know.

Do I have to modify my gun for the mag to work?

Yes and no. Mechanically, you don’t need to do anything aside from removing your existing magazine well which requires no tools (except a hex wrench in some cases) or permanent modification. For the best experience, though, you may need to drill out your magazine catch pin and replace it with a full-size mag catch and pin. Drilling (or grinding/dremeling) is only necessary on the CAI models, while the PSA utilizes a screw, making the change very easy. Basically, CAI and PSA use cut-down mag catches to hold the mag wells in place. This shorter catch is functional with our mags, but not ideal for operation. We recommend the M+M magazine lever as the replacement for your existing catch, available here:  Magazine Release Lever Kit for AK/AKM 47 Rifles and Pistols – M+M Industries (mm-industries.com)

How many rounds does the mag hold?

The CAI NAK 9 and 9S will hold 66-69 rounds.

The PSA AKV will hold 56-59 rounds.

We’re still in the process of optimizing the followers, so the round count may change before final production.

What’s it made of?

The handguard is made of machined and anodized aluminum.

The flash hider is made of 4140 steel.

The magazine is made of aluminum and steel internal parts. The end caps and helix are made of SLS/MJF Nylon 12 polymer. The tubes are made of aluminum or clear polycarbonate.

Is it easy to load?

It’s incredibly easy to load. With the built-in ratchet system, just drop the rounds in and rotate the cap to feed the rounds into the tube. Wash, rinse, repeat to load as many rounds as you desire.

Are there any quirks?

The ratchet system is a little bit different than most people are used to. When the mag is inserted into the receiver, the ratchet lever will automatically be pushed to allow for free feeding. Because rounds can’t be pushed down into the magazine without rotating the end cap, inserting a mag into the receiver with fully raised rounds (the rounds are engaging the feed lips) isn’t possible without having the bolt in the rearward position. An easy workaround is to down-load the mag by a few rounds so that they don’t rise up to the feed lips (held in place by the ratchet) until they are automatically released when the mag is inserted into the receiver. We hope that made sense.

What’s left to work on before they’re ready?

We’re waiting on the final finishing of the handguards and the packaging.